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Workshops “Coronavirus - Synchronization”

CORONAVIRUS - WHY? (3 days workshop)

- Why did it happen?
- Who is responsible for it?
- Has coronavirus been developed on purpose?
- Have ETs taken part in it?
- Are we responsible as human race for what have happened?
- Are we all to learn something from that?

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Workshops “Coronavirus - Synchronization”

We often tend to say that, our physical world, the three dimensions world is an illusion. But what does it really mean and what this has to do with our life and Coronavirus?

What do we really, truly and sincerely desire? Let’s think honestly for a couple of minutes. We truly desire prosperous business, that will allow us, and loved ones, to have save and comfortable life style. We sincerely desire to be loved and to share our love with those who are dear to us. We frankly desire that our children, family, friends and pets will be protected and healthy throughout the lifespan. We honestly desire to have some time for our passions, hobbies, adventures, spiritual development and relaxation. Finally, we desire that the world we live in will be free of any warzone or viruses that might jeopardize our thriving as human race and our wellbeing.

However, if one of the above desires were suddenly challenged or unexpectedly disturbed, then it means that, they had been achieved in an “illusionary way”.

Let’s divide our physical, three dimensions world into two categories:

  1. “Illusionary World”, interchangeably called “Free World”
  2. “Spiritual World”, interchangeably called “Consciousness World”

The “Illusionary World” is called “Free World”, because the access to it is free of charge. The entrance to it doesn’t require any fee or at least the fee is relatively low, so that anybody, at any time can afford it. The “Free World” constitutes of our consciousness, potentials, desires, ideas, thoughts, visualizations, emotions, and all possible areas of life such as: business, marriage, partnership, family, pleasures, health, whatever You name it.

Within all these desires, ideas, emotions or businesses there is something else, something elusive and intangible, and that “something” is ego consciousness. This force was designed as inseparable part of “Free World”. Why? Because ego is for free. It doesn’t require an entrance fee. It can be called at any time, at any place, and is already there. This partner offers free rides and operates on principle of “Free World”.

These free rides can last 10,20, or even up to 50 years, but one day they are suddenly and unpleasantly interrupted and stopped. Why? Because they had been gained and achieved on the basis of ego consciousness that doesn’t require entrance fee.

Ego stays within a particular part of our life, as long as we will feel so confident, so powerful. Until we know what is best for us, what we can control around us. The moment we achieve this kind of awareness, the moment we feel that we can predict what is best for our future, the moment we are going to lose spiritual protection in that particular field of life. It could be psychological, philosophic, or simply corporeal. It doesn’t happen accidentally neither. It has been designed for a couple of reason:

  • to teach us, that this specific desire had been built on the basis of low entrance fee
  • to teach us, that this specific desire had been built on the basis of ego
  • to teach us, that this specific desire had not included protection

Ego convinces us that we can have something for almost nothing. This something might be: prosperous business, passionate relationship, healthy body, comfortable and riskless lifestyle. Ego never requires an entrance fee.

It permits everybody to become his partner. Ego, however doesn’t guarantee that these free rides will last forever. It only guarantees that everybody can join free rides. And that is the caching point. So, success and any other form of life and pleasure that have been achieved for a low entrance fee will sooner or later turn into instability. They are illusions, as they are connected to ego’s “Free World”, “Illusion World”.

And since something is for almost nothing, to get something is not an issue. Everybody is involved in getting something for almost nothing. That is perfectly and spiritually fine. This is a natural law of this Universe, to live in “Free World”.

The question is how to remove ego from all spiritual and physical realms and guarantee that we will retain all areas of our life that are so dear and precious to us?

Together with metaphysical as well as physical aspects, The Universe had created one more entity. That force is called “Free Will Formula”. Like everything else “Free Will Formula” doesn’t require entrance fee. However, once acquired for low entrance fee, it becomes infected with ego consciousness, and as a result no longer represents “Free Will”.

Unlike ego that doesn’t require entrance fee, “Free Will Formula” is not for free. It has to be earned with effort. By created unity, the Intelligent Energy guarantees protection and blessing over our life. This protection however requires different kind of contributions and spiritual transformations.  

So, in our “Free World” we have “Free Will Formula”. It is totally up to us what we are going to choose. We can choose connection with ego, that doesn’t require entrance fee, or we can choose “Free Will Formula” that requires effort and contribution.

The difference is obvious. If we stay with ego, sooner or later all what we have been working for so hard will become an illusion. If we however decide to earn the connection with the Intelligent Energy, then we will gain protection and safety over our lives. It is totally up to us what we are going to choose.

In order to remove ego and build protection over our lives, the consciousness of unity with the Universe must take place. What does this unity begin with?

  • with recognition, that we ourselves don’t have the ability to achieve anything in the world of illusion
  • with recognition, that our future cannot be controlled with ego consciousness, as it was in the past
  • with recognition, that our values, life and spiritual beliefs will be redefined
  • with recognition, that we are open to new experiences, that in the past were non-negotiable

All above aspects can be found in all areas of our life: business, partnership, family, career, personal, spiritual, religious, etc. These aspects are going to be challenged by Coronavirus, that will force our life believes to be re-realize and transformed.

We are on the edge of new spiritual era. The era of free consciousness.
The Coronavirus is the effect of lack of our spiritual transformation. We individually and collectively had caused and contributed to Coronavirus. The final effect and who physically is responsible for this, it doesn’t really matter. Someone or something had to trigger it. What’s matter is the cause and how the cause can be transformed and synchronize to stop further undesired effects.

We live in “Free World”. If we choose on our terms “Free Will” our lives, business ventures, relationships, families and health will be protected. If, however we decide to prolong our transformation, there will be more severe global events that will enhance only the pressure on us and our lives.

During two days workshops Michael Keter will share and teach how we can individually and collectively recognize these free and illusionary areas of our lives. You will learn and experience how to implement “Free Will Formula” in Your business, relationship, family affairs and other areas of Your joyful life.

Let’s together experience transformation by implementing “Free Will Formula”!

This retreat will consist of 2 days of workshop. This is an all-inclusive retreat where food, accommodation, activities and the workshop itself are all included in the price. You will primarily be working with Michael on Your Karma transformation.

No refunds for cancelling the workshop!

Date: 09.11-12.2020

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