The New beginning

Michael Keter

How to achieve persistent success in life and business with the help of the laws of nature?

Success equals life without chaos

I recommend this book to individuals and entrepreneurs who want to improve their standard of living and what follows- the efficiency of their business.
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The New beginning

The main thing which inspired me to write this book was the fact that more and more people struggle with discomfort, suffering and chaos.

You might get an idea that I want to preach. This, however, is far from the truth. My intention was to inspire people, motivate them to reflect and act. I want to incite the Poles to proactive, conscious thinking in order to achieve true success.

What is true success then?

Financial freedom? A long time ago I had financial independence but I had nobody to go to the cinema with.

Real success is not only about having money. It also must include a happy family, love, lucrative business, financial freedom, health, etc., in other words…success equals life without chaos.

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