Creating a proactive impact on changes in the social-economic system

The goal of the foundation

The reason for which the Modern Restrictionalistic Center Foundation has been established is to create a proactive impact on changes in the social-economic system.

There is no doubt that in order to abolish our society's differences in terms of the level of life in reference to that of well developed countries POLES NEED a high and lasting pace of economic growth.

A dynamic economic growth is a necessary factor for executing the material and non-material aspirations of a unit. The non-material aspects of life actually depend on the achieved level of prosperity and wealth of a given society. Furthermore, a growth in terms of wealth and prosperity increases the possibilities to choose and positively impacts the development of a given country. However, an efficient economic activity may take place only in favorable conditions and frames. However, because of the so called religious ego, these conditions are more and more often suppressed and even violated. A disturbed functioning of the economy, increasing divisions, and constantly decreasing social UNITY result in that a unit, and therefore the country, become economically and socially limited.

The Bar Yochai Foundation encourages units, enterprises, corporations, or non-government organizations to pro-actively change their consciousness.

The Foundation's business activities are focused mainly on a positive social change with maximizing the growth of prosperity and wealth both in the material and non-material field.

The book of ZOHAR

Furthermore, the mission of the Foundation is sharing the book of ZOHAR which is written primarily by the FOUNDATION'S PATRON - Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai. ZOHAR constitutes a mighty spiritual instrument written in Aramaic in the form of metaphors and codes explaining the relations between the soul and the Creator. It is an energetic means of transmitting peace, safety, health, and wealth.

During the coachings, consultations, meetings, or events, every participant receives a free pocket size copy of the book of ZOHAR (the original constitutes a multi-volume set of books). You can also receive a pocket edition of ZOHAR. Just write an e-mail to the foundation's address and we will send a copy of ZOHAR for free and without any obligations.

You can learn more about the foundation's mission, coaching materials, or the BOOK OF ZOHAR from the video materials available on our website!

All the best!

The book of ZOHAR

Pocket edition