Michael Keter

One to One Mentoring

This is Your opportunity to receive private, One to One mentoring with Michael himself.

This opportunity is designed for individuals who have reached high levels of success in their life but are still left FEELING they have so much more to reveal, share, and are deeply desiring guidance to help them fulfil their spiritual potential.

This retreat will consist of 2,5 days (25 hours) of mentoring. This is an all-inclusive retreat where food, accommodation, activities, the mentoring and 10 hours of after consulting support (total of 35 hours) itself are all included in the price. You will primarily be working with Michael on Your Karma transformation.
$ 4,901.00

One to One Mentoring

This special intensive two and a half business days mentoring, is for heart-focused entrepreneurs.

It requires the courage to let go of replicating consciousness self- protecting mechanisms that have been keeping You safe but without FREEING YOUR SOULCONSCIOUSNESS.

These self-protecting mechanisms have kept You safe they have also kept Your safe from the life, that Your soul is destine to live. One to One mentoring requires a willingness to be vulnerable and at the same time courageous to transform all subconscious aberrations. No matter how hard You have tried to change Your reality, sooner or later You would return to similar circumstances with the feeling of pain and disappointment. One of the primary reason for this is lack of Karma transformation. This transformation is done by experiencing present life challenges with spiritual implementation of Soul’s FREE WILL FORMULA.

The cause of ALL life challenges is ALWAYS METAPHYSICAL, i.e. spiritual, NEVER PHYSICAL. By transforming subconscious aberrations, You will empower Yourself to implement FREE WILL FORMULA, that will expand Your business and all other areas of Your life from the core, beyond what you have ever imagined.

One to One with Michael Keter is something that is unexpected, surprising and disruptive. It is a guarantee that by attending One to One mentoring, You will encounter the unexpected, You will be spiritually tested and Your paradigms that are holding you back will be shaken.

It is worth emphasizing, that Michael pays special attention on developing spiritual relationship during mentoring, that should be based on mutual trust and respect, and it typically offers personal and professional advantages for both parties.

If You are ready to be brave enough to experience and do what is necessary to create a Free Will Formula and if You are ready to transform Your past, present and future for Yourself and for loved ones, it is necessary to dive into blur and unknown water. The diving however is going to be assisted by professional diver, Michael Keter, who has over 20 years of experience in the field of Karma transformation, and who has mentored hundreds of clients and students around the world.

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