The sign of Libra corresponds to Tishrei - the seventh month of the astrological year that begins in Nissan.

Libra is Mozna'aim in Hebrew, which means scale. In ancient times, the scale was used by putting the objects to be weighed on one side and stones in units of measurement on the other. In our modern times, we use digital scales, and the visual effect of the traditional scales has been lost.

The idea of the scale is to take two opposite and different things and measure the difference between them. The scales are examined according to how the scale tips; the decision is made as to “who will live, who will die, who will be rich, who will be poor.”

The sign of Libra was created by the letter Lamed. This letter is very special as it is the only letter in the Hebrew alphabet that goes above the line. Lamed is built from two triangles - upper and lower - to show us that we can build the balance between the parallel universe.

Lamed is the letter of learning, and that is why people born under the sign of Libra are generally very intellectual people, with a desire to study, learn, know and understand.

The planet Venus rules the sign of Libra, and also rules love, couples, money and art. Librans are sensitive, loving, and romantic and are also good business people. They love beauty, music and art.

Noga (Venus) was created by the Hebrew letter Pei. Together the two letters Pei and Lamed formed the month of Tishrei.

Librans have the tendency to please the whole world, and sometimes they lose the Libran balance because they give too much. They must make a point of saying no from time to time.

Venus controls money, which is why Librans need to learn to give donations and tithing, in order to infuse the money with positivity, giving it the right balance.
Pierwsze dziesięć dni wagi znanych jest pod nazwą „Dziesięciu Dni Pokuty”, których zwieńczeniem jest heb. święto Yom Kippur, czyli Dzień Odpokutowania – dzień obwieszczenia werdyktu. Pokuta, Modlitwa i Dobroczynność mają moc anulowania wszelkiej negatywności, zmierzającej w naszym kierunku. Dzięki wadze możemy zatem przechylić naszą szalę dla naszego dobra.

Guide to the Month of Libra

Assets of a Libra:
  • stylish,
  • good taste,
  • sociable,
  • easy to love,
  • great listeners,
  • supportive friends,
  • spiritual,
  • able to discern the truth.

Main motivation:

Seeks justice

Challenges (and how to transform them):

Difficulty Pulling the Trigger
Librans are known for their capacity of seeing and understanding both sides of the picture. Their downfall is they can never decide; both sides make complete sense to them.
Solution: Trust your gut and don’t obsess over past decisions.
Emotionally Blocked
Librans have a tendency to cover up their feelings. This trait will sometimes lead them to unfaithfulness because an unhappy Libra will look for happiness somewhere else.
Solution: Express your feelings with your words, either spoken or written.

Can’t Hear Criticism

Librans tend to beat themselves up a lot so when it comes time for hearing criticism; their heads are already full. Solution: Go easy on yourself. Good criticism will help you grow.

Flirty and Frivolous
When it comes to matters of the heart, Librans are ruled by the planet of Venus. On the surface, they’re all about romance and hedonism, but on the inside their hearts are guarded.
Solution: Love is all about sharing– sharing your feelings, your fears, your hopes and dreams. Open your heart wide and let someone in.

How to improve relationships with a Libra:
  • Bądź delikatny. Zawsze poprzedzaj krytykę pochwałą.
  • Zachęcaj do współpracy. Lepiej pracuje się im z kimś niż w pojedynkę.
  • Pomóż im się zdecydować. Kiedy już się zdecydują, trudno je będzie zatrzymać.
  • Delikatnie zachęcaj do skończenia tego, co już zaczęły.

Co daje wadze spełnienie:
  • ufanie Światłu więcej aniżeli ludziom,
  • życie w realu a nie w bajce,
  • działanie w myśl swoich przekonań,
  • akceptowanie własnych błędów,
  • rozróżnienie tego, czego same pragną, od tego czego pragną dla nich inni.

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