Leo is one of the three most negative months of the year.

The other two are Tevet (Capricorn), because it is ruled by Saturn, which is a planet of harsh judgments, and Tamuz (Cancer), because it is ruled by the moon.

Leo is ruled by the sun, and is the Left Column of the fire signs. This indicates an added influence of fire, which is expressed as judgments - burning and consuming fire with no balance. This is the reason we experience a polarity of events, some negative and some positive.
The letter Tet created Leo and the letter Caf created the sun. Together we get the energetic combination that controls the month of Leo.
At the center of our solar system, the sun brings each of the planets light and heat, without which organic life could not exist.

People born in this month are infamous for behaving like the sun. Their trademarks are leadership, determination, domination and power, and in full force, this combination can lead to the pitfalls of ego and pride. Leos easily take on leadership positions. But we must remember, the only control we have is self-control. Any feelings of ego, pride and superiority only prevent us from helping others.

The month of Leo is known for the massive occurrences of negativity that have transpired throughout history during this time; the Destruction of both Holy Temples in Jerusalem took place on the ninth of Leo. The systematic massacre of the Jews by Hitler’s Nazi regime was also ordered during Leo.

The number nine, represented by the Hebrew letter Tet, which manifests all of the energy that is gathered from all the upper luminous emanations.

The culmination of negative energy created by a lack of unity and human dignity between people accumulates and manifests on the ninth of Leo. What is the solution? A change of consciousness and behavior. It is very easy to point fingers and blame others, but it is harder to transform oneself and change one's attitude, be patient, forgiving, and loving. If each of us could perceive ourselves as though we were ticking time bombs, and any self-serving action would trigger the fuse, we would be much more careful with our actions and words.
Where there is the greatest darkness, therein also lies the biggest potential to reveal tremendous Light, but it all depends on our actions.

To lessen the judgment of this month we also have two very positive events.

The energy of each month affects all of us alike – whether or not we were born under that particular sign. And as we are now entering the month of Leo, we’d like to help you see how Leo will affect you and show you what you can do to use this energy to your advantage.

Assets of Leo:

  • Generous,
  • paternal,
  • honest,
  • natural leader,
  • charismatic,
  • good conversationalist,
  • socially adept,
  • inner strength,
  • self-worth,
  • creative,
  • independent,
  • handles stress and responsibility well,
  • physical strength,
  • attractive,
  • goal-oriented.

Main motivation:

Gaining Respect

Negatives Qualities (and how to transform them):

Ask the Light for help to control the ego, work on being a stronger vessel for the Light, not for selfish desires.

Control freak
Use strengths to help others, not dominate them.

Needs to be the center of attention
Understand you are not the center of the universe - only the Light knows best. The Light is everywhere, all the time, so it’s important to listen to others.

Lacks sensitivity
Ask for help to understand the pain and needs of others. Go beyond your own desires.


Be more empathetic, try to understand others’ perspective

Susceptible to flattery

Understand that talents are given by the Light to be used for the Light. They are not earned or deserved.

Generous, as long as they are recognized as the giver

Give in order to help others in their spiritual path, not in order to satisfy your own ego.

Lacks diplomacy
Think before speaking. Be sensitive to other person’s feelings.

Sees the whole picture but overlooks the details
Slow down and take the time to see the details

How to improve relationships with a Leo:
  • Show respect and trust
  • Listen – don’ t contradict
  • Give feedback, help the Leo see the impact his words and actions have on others
  • Don’t be judgmental

How a Leo will find fulfillment:
Giving purely for the sake of sharing

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