Gemini is the third month of the Hebrew (lunar) year, and is in the Central Column of the air signs.

The controlling planet is Mercury, in Hebrew – Kochav. Kochav's numerical value is Caf Vav.

Mercury is the planet of communication, which means it is like an electrical cable, telephone wire, a teacher, an adviser, a story teller - basically anything that can transfer any information from point a to point b.

Geminis are intellectuals who have the desire to know everything, and an unlimited curiosity to collect information of every kind. This is because knowledge is power, and the more information gathered today will make future choices easier to make. The Gemini's need to collect information enables them to choose what is good and what is bad, what is right or wrong. This explains Gemini's tendency to jump from one subject to the other, and that is why, of course, they have many questions, doubts and uncertainties. The end result is their reluctance to enter any sort of commitment.

The solution for this personal obstacle is certainty. There is no greater teacher than a Gemini with a firm sense of certainty. As a communication sign, Gemini can be the perfect channel, one who can learn, understand and teach. The ideal for a Gemini is to be a channel for as many people as possible, especially for those who are lost on their path, and help others to reach their own personal certainty.

The duality of Gemini is expressed in every area of life. They embody the ability to do more than one task at the same time. They have trouble with loyalty to one political party (as the servant of two masters), and they tend to change moods, like the wind changes direction and strength. That is why Geminis can be a different person each day.

Guide to the Month of Gemini

Assets of a Gemini:
  • speed,
  • intelligence,
  • multi-talented,
  • curious,
  • friendly,
  • great communicators,
  • open to new ideas.

Main motivation:

Intellectual stimulation

Challenges (and how to transform them):

Lacks patience, too analytical
Ask the Light for strength to wait, without jumping to conclusions.

Gets bored easily
When not feeling stimulated, ask for strength to go through the illusionary dull process.

Thinks he/she is smarter than others

Know that understanding is limited and only the Light will give flawless answers.

Trust the Light, not the mind. Choose the uncomfortable and do it with certainty. 

Lack of depth in undertakings
Go beyond intellectual stimulation. Push to go deeper and know the Light is always there waiting for you.

Constantly changing, lacking consistency
Focus on gradual process to achieve fast results. True changes are internal – not external. 

Judging too quickly
Don’t jump to conclusions – you might fall and hurt yourself (and others.) 

How to Improve Your Relationship with a Gemini:
  • Keep them stimulated
  • Appeal to their intellect
  • Tune yourself into the Gemini’s way of thinking and communicating
  • Help them be more focused on one project
  • Encourage them to stick to the same path
  • Listen to their wisdom

How a Gemini will find fulfillment:
  • Choosing ONE goal in life and complete dedication to that goal
  • Committing to promises
  • Seeking Balance
  • Recognizing one’s mistakes
  • Helping others

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