Kate and Michael are artist-entrepreneurs, who were born with a range of extrasensory abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and metaphysical understanding of Cosmic Laws.

In conjunction with other successful companies, their vision of creating spiritual world transformation, Kate and Michael founded MODERN RESTRICTIONALISTIC CENTRE, a nonprofit company that enables people of all ages to use innovative spiritual technology. Currently, Kate and Michael, uses their extrasensory gifts as well life experience to inspire others towards Karma Control Transformation.

Michael as a contemporary spiritual teacher, renowned author, public speaker and real estate investor teaches deep spiritual transformation. Creating Soul ’s Free Will, enables to transform low vibration effects, particles such as emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain into high vibration waves. These Cosmic Technologies allows to return in past, present and future and change the spiritual law of cause and effect.  

Kate and Michael authenticity movement invites people to step into their spiritual authenticity, knowing that this will bring long lasting positive change that we all wish to see in our three dimensions world.  

“Our purpose is to generate the highest possible quality of spiritual and physical life, for ourselves and the people that are close to our souls, while inspiring and helping others around us do what is best for their souls.”

It is our privilege and honour to have this opportunity to share with You the Cosmic Technology, knowing, that it enables Your soul to thrive and transform.

We truly and sincerely appreciate any donation, that play important part in spreading this knowledge globally. Thank you!

Kate and Michael Keter

The book of ZOHAR

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