Design Your Ultimate Fulfilment

A Powerful Set of Consciousness Tools and Technologies To Generate Your Free Will

The course price includes one hour of 1to1 mentoring. Michael Keter (via mobile phone / zoom) will help you implement the Free Will formula.

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How to put yourself in a high vibration frequency? What causes You to feel positive emotion?

A Powerful Set of Consciousness Tools and Technologies To Generate Your Free Will


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Most spiritual growth programs focus on just a handful of these dimensions

  • Meditation
  • Gratitude, as attitude of appreciation to resonate with high vibration
  • Writing up feelings to discharged cumulative energy
  • Stepping into observation of mind without judgment of others
  • Listening to music
  • Spend time in nature, as nature is free of ego resistance
  • Spend time with spiritual teachers
  • Take part in spiritual workshops
  • Be inspired by book reading and movie watching
  • Taking spiritual mikveh, exercising
  • Protein diet, as meat can constitutes a lot of low vibration frequencies
  • Aroma and color therapy
  • Sharing positive feelings, time, energy, volunteering
  • Internal Inquiry regarding lower states of our consciousness

All above tools may work for You as set of Consciousness Tools and Technologies to rise Your consciousness vibration.

“Design Your Ultimate Fulfilment” is an advance spiritual technology, that goes deeper than any other spiritual dimension. This technology was given to us by the Cosmic Light Consciousness in order to control our Karma process. All Your desires as well challenges are projected to You as experiences, that have been perfectly set for Your spiritual transformation. Design Your Ultimate Fulfilment teaches how to take control over past, present and future Karma. By creating spiritual Free Will, You will be able to return in time and transform low vibration particles into consciousness waves.

This dynamic spiritual technology will allow you to take spiritual control over every single desire and every single challenge you are going through right now. It is also an opportunity to receive, private, 1 - 1 life mentoring with Michael Keter.
Once You experience the Power of Free Will formula, You will always know what areas of life to focus on at any given time, and how to create extraordinary success in each of them, without sacrifice or compromise.

I. Four Channels Of Consciousness

If you have desires that would love to fulfilled or challenges that would like to know how resolve, You should return in time and transform low vibration in higher vibration frequencies. There are four channels of consciousness through which doubts or certainty flow. This class will help you to open your awareness to limit doubts and increase spiritual certainty.

II. Karma Consciousness Correction

Whether there is a desire or unplanned challenge we tend to control it, one way or another.  By having control, we feel that our consciousness vibration goes up. This state however doesn’t last permanently. Sooner or later higher vibration for some reason decline again. This happens because subconsciously we are bound to with following two statements.

  1. We won’t lose, we will keep what we’ve already acquired, such as: control over finance, relationship, health, etc.
  2. We will fulfill our desires and achieve our goals. It will give us happiness and fulfillment which translate into certainty in life. 

There is however a spiritual control, which You fill find out in this class. This tool will help you to understand what blocks you from Karma transformation and empowers you to realize what is true spiritual certainty.

III. Structute Of True Reality

We try to get access to our 95% subconscious mind, where all our potential is hidden.
Our consciousness constitutes of electrons as particles and waves. Once consciousness raise to the point of waves, then anything is possible to happen, including miracles. You can return in time to the future and the past. Actually, You could be in two places at the same time. This episode teaches how to be a receiver and a giver at the same time.

IV. Consciousnes Is Everything

Each desire and each challenge constitute of a particular polarity. One part of this polarity is a victim type, another is an egomaniac type. By knowing which part of this polarity is ingrained in our desires and challenges, You would be able to transform them and climb on the ladder of consciousness towards other spiritual dimensions.

V. Matter - Gate To Spiritual Dimensions

There is a reason why we were born in our three dimensions. This class will reveal the spiritual purpose of it. You will gain answers, why desires and challenges are awoken in three dimensions, and why play indispensable part in spiritual sharing. You will know how to combine and manage Your physical activities with spiritual consciousness.

VI. Initiation - Spiritual Restriction    

Spiritual law of cause and effect was created to give us more time for correction of low vibration frequencies. On the other hand, the same spiritual law stands on our way to fulfill our desires and dispel our doubts. This boosting exercise will teach You how align low and high vibration frequencies with your soul.

VII. Back To The Future - Free Will Formula

Spiritual restriction constitutes of four phases. This class is an introduction to understand how the phases are structured in every desire and challenge.
This tool will develop in you a spiritual instinct to be able to enter a state of achieving anything you can perceive.

VIII. Connection With Subconsciousness

There is subconscious interconnection between a desire and a challenge. Every single challenge contains a desire within itself and every desire contains a challenge. It is important to learn and understand this spiritual law as interconnection is the channel through which we get in touch with our subconscious mind. Re-center Yourself and prepare for deeper connection.

IX. Implementation

Our subconscious mind creates our life, all events, both of low and high vibration. This class is the climax exercise. You will understand and feel what is the Full Karma Experience. This experience is the technology to generate Free Will of the soul, that  is able to transform cords of old pattern programs that have come, from past lifetimes and consciousness aberration. It is time to transform them into new programs, high vibration energies.

X. Everything Is An Illusion

In order to show appreciation and privilege to You Michael Keter has dedicated one hour life 1-1 mentoring ( via cellphone / zoom ) to help You to implement in full Free Will formula.
“There is always a reason, and the reason in never physical”. During one to one conversation Michael will share with You what is Your purpose and main correction in this life time, as well past life and its influence for Your present correction. You also will be able to ask about any desire or challenge You are going through, where there is blockage and nothing seems to work out. This mentoring will significantly help You to understand how to transform your current desires and challenges into long lasting and fulfilling experience. You will be able to project this radiant energy high vibration into Your life and into the hearts of loved ones.

Price online – instant access $ 571  the price include 1 – 1 mentoring.

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